We are the ORIGINAL $99 Flat Fee MLS® Entry Only Listing Service! See Simply List Me! for more information or to list on the MLS® today.

We are an experienced local real estate broker specializing in Flat Fee MLS® Listings, Full Service Listings, and Broker Price Opinions. We offer a $99 Flat Fee MLS® Listing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, just what you need to sell your home on your own fast. If you are a 'For sale by owner' or FSBO, this service will get you the same exposure that the professional do while saving you thousands in commission. Click here for more information.

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Below are some amazing properties that are currently listed using our Flat Fee MLS® Listing Service.

Agents and Buyers: Most of our listings are Entry Only MLS® listings which means you contact the owner directly for showings, questions, and offers. Click the link below to access their contact information.

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If you would like more information about a Flat Fee Entry Only listing for your property, visit our SimplyListMe.com site.

Massachusetts Flat Fee Listings

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New Hampshire Flat Fee Listings

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What is a Flat Fee MLS® Listing?

A Flat Fee MLS® Listing refers to the practice in the real estate industry of a seller entering into an "limited service agreement" with a real estate broker who accepts a flat fee instead of a percentage of the sale price for the listing side of the transaction. A Flat Fee MLS® Brokerage lists the property for sale in the local multiple listing service (MLS®) without the added tasks or representation that is typically provided by a seller's agent. The seller handles the sale from showings to closing, as if it were a "For Sale by Owner". This type of listing is also known as a Limited Service Listing, Entry Only MLS® Listing, or a For Sale by Owner MLS® Listing.

The benefit of a Flat Fee MLS® Listing is that you get the same exposure that the real estate professionals do, while eliminating the listing side of the commission. The seller saves half of the traditional commission and maintains complete freedom to sell on their own. In some cases, the seller pays NO commission and sells their home directly to a buyer without an agent.

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